Specially designed web hosting for your WordPress site

Designed for speed, safety and your online stability

Whether you have a site or want to create one using the WordPress platform, do you want it to be fast loading and simultaneously offer good stability? Zooku is your ideal hosting solution!

Choose your hosting plan and see the difference!

Wordpress Premium
convenient choice
18.95 (20.95)
euro / month *
SSD disk space 55.0 GB
Network traffic unlimited
Minimum uptime 99.95 %
MySQL databases 50 unit
Email users unlimited
Hosting migration free
Backup daily
Newsletter free
Sendmachine free
Wordpress Basic
for microblogging
6.60 (7.99)
euro / month *
SSD disk space 12.5 GB
Network traffic unlimited
Minimum uptime 99.92 %
MySQL databases 30 unit
Email users unlimited
Hosting migration free
Backup daily
Newsletter free
Sendmachine free

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Looking for a customized package? We're Expanding Horizons

Customized Solution for Ambitious Projects

*Price without VAT valid for a new purchase for 12 months. For longer periods, we offer discounts. The migration of your website on our servers is free, for the annual subscription purchased, except complex websites. A Limited-Time Offer. Renewal is at the full price.

Basic WordPress Hosting

This hosting package was designed and optimised specifically for the WordPress platform. It is dedicated to small business sites, blogs, presentation sites or landing pages.

Premium WordPress Hosting

Your premium solution dedicated to websites with high resource requirements, online stores built with WooCommerce or other eCommerce platforms.

Why should you choose a WordPress solution for your site?

WordPress is currently the most widely used content management platform for websites and blogs. There are over 74 million sites around the world that use this platform to manage website content and blogs, as well as to promote services or products.

  • Easy to install - single-click installation from the Zooku panel
  • It's meant for SEO purposes – compatible with search engines. Sites built with WordPress have a higher ranking in search results, because the CMS resolves 80-90% of Google crawler access issues
  • The most widely used CMS in the world, WordPress is used by almost 65% of online sites
  • Top brands and large companies choose WordPress as their content management platform – including Sony, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times among many others
  • Easy to manage - the administration panel is highly user-friendly and easy to use
  • It's free and open-source software
  • You can easily create an online store using WooCommerce, the most famous solution
  • Plugins for any need - if you want to integrate a newsletter module or other functionality, you can add them very easily. Currently, there are over 55,000 plugins available
  • Free themes – there are many themes available that you can use for free; with a single click, the theme is installed
  • The community behind the application - you have an entire community behind this platform that can help you find information easily as well as details about specific functionality

Why are we good at hosting sites on the Wordpress platform?

We focus on security; we constantly monitor and search for WordPress vulnerabilities and are proactive in our approach to protecting our users. We frequently scan the sites and notify you if security issues arise.

Our support team has accumulated vast experience in most of the errors and problems that can occur when running WordPress. Resultantly, we can help you solve problems quickly to ensure that your site is online as soon as possible.

Free transfer
Do you want to move your site to our hosting platform, but you don't have anybody to handle the technical side? No problem! We can migrate your website our platform, without interruption, for free.

Unmetered traffic
All web hosting packages have unmetered traffic. This means that a site hosted by Zooku can receive an unlimited number of visits every day without any limitations.

Quick install
You can install the WordPress platform with one click from our panel, even if your technical knowledge is limited. The platform will be instantly active, you only need to load the content and take care of the site's 'cosmetics'.

Daily backup
We perform daily backups on separate servers to ensure that your information will always be secure.

Email addresses
You can create an unlimited number of email addresses for your website's users or employees, to ensure that communication is effective.

99.99% Uptime
We want your business to be available online at all times and we are working to maintain a high level of availability.

Thanks to our distributed server system, the databases are located on separate servers for flawless site performance.

Email Newsletter Solution
We offer you for free the Sendmachine Plugin for email marketing and up to 15,000 newsletters can be sent through our platform.

Frequently asked questions

Who should use WordPress?
A WordPress website is suitable for a wide range of users, from bloggers to small and large businesses. It is a perfect choice for online shops or services. The main benefit is that all of this can be developed and maintained without having programming or web design knowledge. Easy to install and fast to develop.
If WordPress is free, can I create a website for free?
Yes, the WordPress platform is free and you can create a website using it for free. However, there are also costs associated with creating a website, such as registering a domain name, hosting, and other features and options to get a quality website. There are free or very cheap services and options, but they can have a lot of restrictions.
How does WordPress hosting help me?
A WordPress hosting service gives you storage space and it is a good choice for ease of installation and configuration, for improved security against cyber attacks, providing technical support and assistance for website issues and also for improve performance and scale of website.
What is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting?
If you run a WordPress website, WordPress hosting can be a good choice to benefit from high performance, improved security and specialized technical support. The resources of a WordPress package are optimized for the good functionality of the site.
What websites can be created with WordPress?
In general, the WordPress platform is an excellent option for any type of website that requires effective content management and customise design: personal or business blogs, business presentation websites, online shops, news and magazine sites, photo sites and portfolios, educational sites, member sites.
How to create a WordPress website?
The first step in creating your website is choosing hosting and installing the WordPress platform. Then choose the design and add the content. If you want to add additional functionality to your website, you can install WordPress plugins. The next step is to customize the site settings and then publish it.
How can I optimize my WordPress site?
There are several ways you can optimize your WordPress site to improve load speed, performance and user experience. Choose optimized plugins and avoid installing plugins that have duplicated or unnecessary features. Use compression and caching of pages and use a content delivery network - CDN.
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