SSD Web Hosting

SSD Express
21.00 euro / month

 Traffic unlimited

 Space 10 GB

 Mail accounts unlimited

 PHP yes

 MySQL 99

 Settings Custom

 Backup daily

SSD Light
12.00 euro / month

 Traffic unlimited

 Space 5 GB

 Mail accounts unlimited

 PHP yes

 MySQL 50

 Settings Advanced

 Backup daily

*prices do not include VAT

Is SSD hosting suitable for any website?

The answer is simple, YES. An SSD package is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve better performance. When we say better performance, we mean how long it takes to display the pages of a website.

In the case of small and medium sized sites, an SSD hosting will not deliver very noticeable loading improvements, as opposed to high content and high traffic websites where the difference will be very noticeable.

Most benefits will be noticed at ...

eCommerce websites

It is known that sites that load quickly generate more sales, particularly when there are discounts and traffic is very high.

Websites that use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others

The SSD speeds up the process of retrieving information from MySQL databases and consequently, the loading time of the websites is significantly faster.

Websites with high traffic

With higher loading speeds, the website can cope with a large number of visitors that generate many requests per second. If the site does not load quickly upon user request, the visitor leaves because he has many alternatives available.

Websites that do a lot of caching

Caching is a process that helps websites load faster. A generated version of the site is stored as a local copy, so that it does not have to be generated at each visit. The result is a considerable increase in the loading speed. The SSD is ideal in such situations, because the writing and reading speeds are much higher than normal hard disks.

More …

Due to the SSD\s loading speed, programmers can design complex websites and interesting web applications, and visitors will have a much more enjoyable browsing experience.

Very fast loading times can be observed on websites that incorporate numerous images, videos or audio files.

The website's loading time should not exceed 3-4 seconds, and the SSD is able of resolving this problem. The display time of the site is almost instant, up to 500 milliseconds.

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