About us

We are among the pioneers in this field and, as specialists in web hosting, we have focused our efforts on providing services that satisfy the needs of the modern and growing market. Since the founding of the company in 2001, we have been highly motivated by the desire to provide our clients with various solutions and services in order to help them build and sustain in a competitive market. We also aim to understand the needs of our customers by not only adopting a reasonable pricing range, but also by offering different packages that have been designed to give everyone the ability to purchase the plan that is appropriate for their requirements, which is why our clients are among the most satisfied in the market. When considering the diversity of our collaborators, we have implemented communication and information platforms in languages other than Romanian (the official support language), including English and Hungarian. From the outset, we wanted to create more awareness in an area that did not have significant history in our country and, of course, we have developed in collaboration with our partners, by learning to prevent problems, to adapt to the needs of our customers, and particularly to offer them high quality services, innovative web hosting solutions and solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Hence, we not only offer operations to acquire, transfer, and renew, but also to unblock .ro, .eu, .com, as well as other international extensions or SSL certificates, along with audit, security, site optimisation, and communication solutions, so that we can enable our clients to conduct various online activities at the highest standards.

As a collective (company), we are defined by our principles and powerful values that we always respect. We have built a strong team whose members work together like a fine-tuned machine. We have strived to ensure that we are stable and financially independent and we want to achieve the same for your business by offering packages where the costs are clearly specified, without any fees or other hidden payment obligations. We use modern, quality solutions and we adapt to the needs of our customers. For this reason, for countless collaborators, we have become reliable web hosting partners in Romania. All these details that characterize our operation are efficiently synthesized by our motto, the expression of our mission, which is to become your most trusted partner.

Based on our ability to develop, and to provide services and solutions related to hosting and domain registration, we have designed Zooku with the clear goal of elevating the Romanian market to the highest standards and implicitly, to provide a safe development environment, which is efficient and advantageous to our clients. We recognise, adopt and adapt innovations!

Our values

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