Domains renewal

Each domain expires when the registration period comes to an end.

In order to keep ownership of your domain, you will need to renew it from time to time.

10 days before the expiration period of the domain purchased through Zooku, you will receive an email notification to your account address. Please pay the pro forma invoice in time to ensure domain renewal or else the domain will be automatically be placed quarantine.

Domain renewal can be performed via the Control Panel. If you need to renew a domain, that it's not registered with us, you will need to transfer it to ZOOKU first.

  • over 12 years experience in domain registration, renewal and transfer
  • EURid, EuroDNS, RoTLD accredited registrar
  • trusted by thousands of customers
  • we guarantee a just and flawless transaction
  • the domains are registered in the customer's name
  • all operations are performed swiftly
  • you will be notified before the expiration
  • we'll support you with all information related to domain management

Preturi reinnoire domenii:

* Domain registration, transfer and renewal prices are calculated at the BNR exchange rate on the day of purchase and do not include VAT
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