Transfer domains to Zooku

  • over 12 years experience in domain registration, renewal and transfer
  • accredited registrar RoTLD
  • accredited registrar EURid
  • accredited registrar EuroDNS
  • permanent alerts
  • total control over the domain name
  • competitive prices
  • dedicated technical support
  • administrarea domeniului si a hostingului in acelasi cont

Frequently asked questions

Why you should keep your hosting and domain at the same provider?
For multiple benefits we recommend that both, the hosting and the domain, be hosted by the same provider. Managing your website will be much easier if you have only one provider for it, increases the level of security and reliability of the website and lower costs.
How long does it take to transfer a domain?
The .ro domains are transferred immediately after the transfer key is applied to the myzooku account. For international domains (.eu, .com, .hu), the transfer term differs depending on the domain, from one day to 7 working days.
Is there any downtime on my website during the transfer?
No, transferring your domain name from one registrar to another should not affect your website.
How much does domain transfer cost?
The .ro domain transfer is free. For international domains (.com, .eu, .hu, .it), the domain transfer price varies depenending on the TLD you want to transfer, and it includes 1 year of extension.
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