Hosting features

Impeccable technical support our uncommonly patiently and knowledgeable team will help you with great pleasure either by phone, by email or by online chat
Control panel web interface through which you manage your account, easy to use with SSL secure access
Quick and redundant connections for both metropolitan and international, dedicated and sufficiently bandwidth for each service
Performant, professional servers HotSwap redundant supply, HotSwap disks in RAID, redundant network boards, supermicro dedicated brands
Professional datacenter GTS Telecom, with physical security, HVAC environment, fire suppression system, UPS N+1, autonomous power generators in case of emergency
Monitoring, administration servers are monitored and managed 24/7 by automated systems and people
Backups Every day, the backup is automatically conducted on special servers. The backup storage space is not included in the space purchased by the client and is provided free of charge by Zooku.
Security staff trained to work in a strictly secure environment, access levels and security procedures within the company
Redundancy, availability servers are redundant, with a 100% registered service availability and a theoretical of 99.998%
Geographic distribution For optimal availability and compliance with standards, the servers are geographically distributed
POP3, IMAP for Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone or mobile
Webmail (Squirrelmail, Horde), Address book, Calendar
Email accounts unlimited
The email accounts share the total storage of the domain, but individual space limits per account can also be set.
Email forward, alias, autoresponder unlimited
Collector account the emails received to non-existent accounts on the domain are collected here
Antivirus, antispam filters (Amavis, Clamav Antivirus, SpamAssassin) - you may enable or disable them
DKIM, DK, SPF signatures to sign your emails, for a better inbox delivery
Web administration interface you can easily and quickly manage all the hosting functions for your domain
Cloud email The service is completely separate from web servers, it is always available and fast
Immediate notification With IMAP IDLE function, you will see the email as soon as it enters the mailbox
Security anti brute force protection, SSL / TLS for encrypted and secure transmission
Optional Dedicated SMTP service with customised settings
FTP - File transfer & server space
Multiple users unlimited accounts can be created, accounts can be locked for periods of inactivity and for increased security, you can connect with TLS
Administration interface, file manager easily and conveniently manage ftp functions, additionaly, you have a web client to work with files
Traffic compression servers support the traffic compression function; for those FTP clients that implement it, this will save time and Internet bandwidth
Antivirus filter all files uploaded to the server are filtered with antivirus software, in order to reduce the possibility of your site being infected
Subdomains unlimited
Hosted domains (redirected, parking) free
PHP7, PHP6.X, PHP5, PHP4 Latest and greatest stable PHP version, but also older versions available for legacy websites. All common extensions included by default (others available on request): eAccelerator, Zend optimizer, ionCube, GD, ImageMagick (extensie), soap, BCMath, calendar, ftp, libxml, gettext, mbstring, cUrl
Apache web servers htaccess, mod_security, mod_rewrite, mod_alias, mod_headers, mod_expires
Password protected directories easily set up by beginners in Control Panel; advanced user may use files (htaccess) or mysql (mod_auth_mysql) authentification
Website statistics (awstats) directly from the server log, 100% accuracy
DOS, DDOS firewalls and protections advanced antiflood protection, redundant entries, traffic compression
Custom error pages for those who do not want to miss a click
Cron jobs schedule scripts to automatically execute
MySQL databases (20)
MySQL v5.7, v5.6, v5.1 very powerful mysql dedicated servers with master-slave replication, myISAM, innoDB
Administration interface, phpMyAdmin create unlimited users with different administrative rights on each database, import large databases
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