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It can be quite frustrating to realize that a business can use up all of its funds during the first few months of operation. However, we are here to support you and provide you with a boost at the beginning of your journey through our promotional packages at an extremely advantageous price.

Cpanel is an excellent choice for anyone who desires more freedom in managing their hosting services. Users benefit through it from an intuitive interface and a variety of tools necessary in developing, maintaining a website, and email services.

Entry processes 30
IO throughput 2048KB/s
IO operations per second 1024
Max number of processes 45
Physical memory limit 2048MB
CPU speed limit 200%
Max hourly email 500
Max undelivered email/hour 20
Network traffic unlimited
Latime banda (Mbps) necontorizat
Conexiuni concurente Web (nr) 8
IO Limit (Kbps) 256
Backup automat gratis daily
SSD disk space (GB) 10
Preț (€/luna) * 0.33
Abonament minim (luni) 3
Abonament maxim (luni) 3
Uptime 99.99
CPU maxim (core * %) 100
Utilizatori FTP (nr) necontorizat
Nr fisiere/directoare web (inoduri) 500000
Utilizatori MySQL (nr) necontorizat
Utilizatori Email (nr) unlimited
Mailuri pe ora per casuta email (nr) 500
Trafic mail pe ora per casuta de email (MB) 250
SSH yes
More details
Hosting migration free
Backup ondemand self-service yes
Restore ondemand selfservice yes
Serviciu DDNS no
Subdomenii unlimited
Modul CDN N/A
MySQL dedicat N/A
Redis dedicat N/A
Protectii flood firewall yes
Mitigare DOS Arbor Networks no
Flood blackhole filtering yes
Protecție avansata WAF no
Reguli TOP10 vulnerabilitati OWASP yes
Reguli custom WAF no
Protecție PHP suhosin no
Protecție bruteforce CMS no
Scanare AV upload yes
Scanare custom anti-malware la upload yes
Scanare zilnica AV website yes
Scanare zilnica anti-rootkit yes
Encryptare tranzit email (server2server) yes
Protecție avansata AV/AS SMTP yes
Scanare AV/AS email yes
Protecția FTP din panou control yes
Protecție avansata bruteforce email yes
Protecția email reputation based yes
Blacklist custom adrese scam/phishing yes
Scanare zilnica anti-scam reguli forward yes
Server MySQL standard N/A
Versiune MySQL 5.7
innoDB N/A
Server MySQL dedicat N/A
Versiune PHP 8.0
Zend optimizer yes
ionCube yes
GD yes
ImageMagick yes
cUrl yes
intl yes
Mod security yes
Mod rewrite yes
Storage type SSD

* Price for a new order, valid for 3 months: 0.99 eur + VAT.
It does not apply to domains that already have an active hosting plan and cannot be combined with any other promotions. Renewal is at the full price.

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