Zooku infrastructure

Software, technical team

To ensure that all the elements we use in our web hosting activity and domain registration are optimised for successful operations, and also to provide our clients with the right services, we have devoted our time to researching and testing the equipment, as well as the various programs that constitute the software that Zooku uses. We have selected a wide range of products that corresponded to our demands and we are sure that they will ensure the proper development of your professional activity.

From the outset, we decided to use a solution called Cloud Hosting, which is also known as `hosting in the cloud`. The advantage of this system is that it is highly expressive and perfectly synthesises both its qualities and its properties. As it is a web hosting service based on in-depth knowledge of customer needs, it offers scalability, redundancy and balancing, attributes that make this solution dynamic and empathic. This is because, like a cloud, this type of hosting has a pronounced transparent character, which is both affordable and flexible, which are perfect attributes for both Zooku and our customers.

On the other hand, another advantage of our services is that, unlike other hosting services that use shared hosting or VSP, at the infrastructure level, the services (Web, Mail, FTP MySql) are distributed across multiple servers so a client can utilise the resources and the processing power of multiple servers, not just one as is the case in standard hosting services. This type of infrastructure gives us the opportunity to benefit from effective resource management, as well as automatically improving the functionality and availability of sites, applications and data.

Another aspect that demonstrates our competence is that we pay special attention to our clients’ data, considering that we provide a daily back-up of their information on special servers, in order to provide them with a copy in case of emergency. Back-up means safety; it’s a an important method of protecting our information, business, blog or website. This service is not taxable and back-up servers do not use the space or resources that our clients have purchased.

In terms of uptime, this is the main indicator of the quality of our hosting services. It is expressed as a percentage and refers to the duration of a calendar month, which is the length of time that a service is delivered. Zooku guarantees an uptime of 99.9%. Taking into account all these elements, you can easily find that we offer you the best web hosting and domain registration services in Romania.

We also offer quality technical support through our team of dedicated and devoted specialists. This team carefully and continually monitors the services that we have committed to offer; technical support is provided by phone, email or live, directly on the site. The human factor is supported by a modern and efficient monitoring system, which works automatically and has the ability to detect real-time problems or errors that may occur. We are sure that thanks to these modern software elements, as well as the Zooku team, problems, if they occur, will be quickly eliminated and you will be the most satisfied customers in terms of web hosting.

Equipment, servers, hardware

Whenever we have the opportunity, we like to specify to all our customers that the hardware we are working with consists of hi-tech and high quality equipment, which are vital elements in our specific activity, web hosting. These devices that we use to conduct our business in an efficient manner, aside from the fact that they are leading products in their categories, have been subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that they are the right items for Zooku. All our equipment has been selected by searching for the most appropriate products from famous brands on the market, such as Intel, Supermicro, or Cisco. The fact that we have decided to work only with quality and reliable products (their quality being a vital feature for both our company and our partners) ensures the smooth operation of our business and at the same time, assures our customers’ security, stability and allows them to conduct business without encountering major problems. In this way, we are able to respect the promises made to our clients and offer them the best performing web hosting services and solutions in Romania at the moment.

Redundancy and stability are qualities that define not only our equipment but also the whole system. Our equipment is powered by double current sources and we have established a generator system that eliminates any problem, even in case of unforeseen phenomena or natural disasters. Additionally, the disks are RAID configured, this being a redundant array of disks that is independent, which, as indicated by the explanation, ensures data redundancy. Thus, your data is safe in our hands, which is one of the reasons why our customers consistently choose Zooku to provide them with web hosting services and other IT solutions.

Therefore, as we have mentioned on other occasions, Zooku is an expression of quality and seriousness. We work only with professional hardware and software; furthermore, we choose the best of their category, from professional and well-known international companies. We focus on the quality and performance of the systems and our equipment so that, combined with the human factor, they can provide solid foundations for the effective functioning of our systems. It is our moral obligation as well as our contractual obligation to provide you the best web hosting services. We are among the top companies that operate in the field of web hosting and we want to stay that way; we want to honor our name and have the most satisfied customers. All this can be obtained with the help of a good foundation that can sustain a solid construction in terms of web hosting and professional email services.

Internet, connectivity

A very important element for Zooku, one that is vital to a web hosting company, is the Internet. In order to be able to conduct our day-to-day work in optimal conditions and in the way that we want, it is crucial that our Internet access and connectivity is of a high standard. This is the only way we can provide you with the most professional and effective registration and domain web hosting services in Romania and, of course, so that we honor our contractual obligations.

As mentioned, our connectivity is very good, with a solid redundancy plan. Our servers are located in the GTS Romtelecom network, which is the largest Internet carrier in Romania. As the network has numerous backups, all connected directly to RONIX through optical fiber, the transfer speed we discussed earlier has increased for all our users. These significant details enable us to guarantee the solutions and the web hosting services we offer to all our customers. You will notice that once our collaboration begins, as our current clients can confirm, that we are the best because we work with the best in the field.

We are also particularly concerned about the level of security we provide to our customers, as well as the data we store. That is why we have established a well-organised security system, adapted and installed at all levels. Because we want to protect ourselves and, of course, to protect you (to guarantee both the security and privacy of your data), our servers have firewalls and we own equipment targeted against DOS or DDOS attacks, or floods. We also have antivirus and antispam solutions, which are essential to web hosting and domain configuration. Besides all this, we have a team of administrators who monitor the systems around the clock in order to prevent any problems and to prevent any attempts by unauthorized users to access our network.

All these details (which are of particular concern to and ensure that we are systematized in a functional, professional organism) honor us and of course, provide valuable support to our customers, ensuring a very high level of security and privacy (as well as web hosting, register and domain transfer services). These are the reasons we can say that we are among the top performers in terms of domain configuration and site hosting in Romania.

Zooku datacenter

Because, as we have already said, when it comes to web hosting and related services, we invest a significant amount of time in security, our data centres that host the servers are well protected, both in terms of construction and in terms of access and the regulation of internal order.

First of all, the access is restricted. This means that our employees can only enter with a valid security card and are required to respect the imposed internal rules of order. The rooms in which the servers are located are continuously monitored by video cameras, permanently guarded and interactions are controlled. As a result of this well-established security system, our work and your data are 100% safe. As, unfortunately, mother nature is capricious and cannot be controlled by man, we have decided that it is appropriate to follow the principle of prevention to the detriment of treatment; therefore, the locations themselves, as a physical element, were specifically chosen to be secure against natural disasters such as floods, fires and other events. The spaces where the servers are located have false floors and air conditioning that maintains a temperature between 21 and 30 degrees Celsius. There is also a humidity and dust control system. These data protection installations and methods allow us to ensure the integrity of your data and all the information you have entrusted to us when we started our collaboration. Regarding the power supply, we use diesel generators that ensure the operation of all our equipment for an extended period if a power failure occurs. We also have two power lines, with each server being powered by two separate stations. In this way, whatever the circumstances, you will be able to continue to work effectively at under the same conditions.

Our hosting structure is well secured from all perspectives. We have paid special attention to the security and safety of our equipment and your information. We are sure that under any circumstances, we will be able to ensure that the system will remain operational so that you can fully benefit from the services you have purchased. Seriousness, respect for the client, the desire to prevent any problem, are all attributes that describe Zooku and from our point of view, these are features that a serious hosting company must have in order to operate effectively in the modern market, in a process of continuous development.

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