Discover the reasons to choose Zooku services

     Until you found Zooku, you will have certainly encountered several companies that have the same type of business as ours; however, as our members are already convinced, you will undoubtedly find that we are the most competent web hosting company on the Romanian market at this moment. The differences between Zooku and other companies is as clear and numerous significant as possible. The reasons for choosing us can be counted in the tens, although for a better example, we selected only a few important ones.

    First of all, we offer Cloud Hosting, a unique solution that only Zooku can provide. Because of this type of infrastructure, your expenses, in terms of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment, will completely disappear. You will also get eliminate the burden of inappropriate and overpriced equipment that does nothing else but give you headaches. Nor will you need to allocate time to finding, installing and maintaining software in optimal operating parameters. We do everything, simple and fast, through Cloud Hosting.

    Secondly, we are proud of the most proficient technical and support team; a trusted community of experts in the field, who are ready to come to your aid in the way that suits you best. Via phone, email, or live chat, our team will solve any isssues that occur in the shortest possible time. In terms of monitoring the services you are receiving, this is conducted around the clock, and their proper functioning of the system is closely monitored.

    Another aspect of our company is embedded in the productive, beautiful relationships we have with our customers. We enjoy the trust of thousands of companies that operate in extremely diverse areas. We work with schools, private firms, SMEs, doctors, lawyers, translators, individuals, associations and non-profit organisations, sports clubs, political groups, among others. All of this not only validates us as a web hosting organisation, that is trustworthy and a good partner, but also gives us the opportunity to assert with all confidence that our main advantage is that we can be a "teammate" in whom you can have utmost confidence. These excellent collaborations are based on the special focus we place on your needs and the fact that we are ready to accept any challenge and to accomplish any mission that we assume. We have designed different planss that can be purchased at very good prices, including registration packages and site hosting that respond to your specific needs. But we do not stop here; we continue to develop and find new solutions or services that can be beneficial to you and which can optimise your website. Furthermore, greed is not a characteristic that defines us, but we are rather defined by balance and we offer the best quality/price ratio on the market. All this is for you, for your successful business, for various sites and for identical purposes. In order to honor our promises and reach ideals.

    When it comes to web hosting, Zooku is the best!

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