Request posting in SEAP/SICAP

Zooku is registered on the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP/SICAP) platform, offering a wide range of services for procurement. These services include domain registration, web hosting, SSL certificates and email marketing solutions.

To receive detailed information about procuring Zooku's services through SEAP, please use the contact form provided below.

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About the Electronic Public Procurement System

The Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP) is a publicly accessible platform, available at This system is designed to facilitate electronic public procurement, offering a modern and efficient approach to the procurement process.

The procurement procedure through SEAP

Step 1

Choose the Desired Zooku Services
Search on our website for the service or services you wish to purchase

Step 2

Submitting the SEAP/SICAP Posting Form
After you have identified the desired service on our website, please fill out the SEAP/SICAP posting request form. During this stage, the form will reach us, and our sales team will get in touch with you.

Step 3

Publishing Services on SEAP/SICAP
As soon as we know exactly which services you wish to procure, they will be registered on the SICAP-SEAP platform. This step allows you to purchase them directly from the electronic public procurement system.

Step 4

Purchasing Services on SEAP/SICAP
Once you have identified the desired services on the SEAP/SICAP platform, initiate the procurement procedure by strictly following the steps indicated by the SEAP/SICAP system.

Contact Information
Participant Name: Zooku Solutions SR
Unique Registration Code: RO21917996
Registration Number : J26/849/21.12.2010
Address: Str. Iuliu Maniu, Nr. 14
Zip Code: 540030
Category: Bidder

In SEAP, direct procurements are based on Zooku's established service catalog. You can initiate a direct purchase by easily selecting a service from our catalog.

Step 5

The SEAP Purchasing Procedure
I. Initiating Procurement - select the desired product/service and payment terms.
In this step, you also have the option to set a deadline by which bidders can submit their responses.

II. Bidder's Decision
- upon receiving the request, the bidder has two distinct options:
a. They can decline the request, providing a detailed reason for refusal.b. They have the option to accept the request, and if Zooku doesn't specify additional expenses or discounts, the sale price will match the catalog price.

III. issuing the invoice - after completing the procurement process within SEAP, Zooku will generate the corresponding invoice and make it available to the customer via email.
Service activation will take place once payment has been confirmed.
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